Philosophy and Approach

What We Do

Craig HomeCare specializes in pediatric nursing services provided in the home & community setting throughout Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.

Why We Do It

The deeply held beliefs we hold about our business and our clients:

  • Kids deserve better.
  • Families deserve a choice.

Who We Are

A Caring Partner
We are more than just a service provider. We partner with our families to make the transition to in-home care as easy and successful as possible. Once we are in their homes, we constantly work to deliverable unbeatable care, honor their house rules, and show in both big and small ways how devoted we are to the family.

Passionate Advocates
We do what we do because we love who we do it for. Stepping into the lives of children and families is not something that is done lightly. It is done with intention, focus and passion for improving the lives of those for whom we care. This passion fuels our decisions and our desire to stand up and fight on their behalf.

Integrity Driven
Since our founding, we have been committed to making decisions based not solely on the bottom line, but on what’s right, noble or true. While this path is difficult and can be challenging and even discouraging at times, we know that in the end, working with integrity helps us rise above our competition and truly impact the lives of our staff and the families we serve.

A Kid-Focused Culture
Children are not just one of our many competencies. They are our expertise. We are in the business of helping improve the lives of children and their families. Our service provides support for a better lifestyle.